Cork Street Galleries

Branding / Environment / Print

Cork Street has been celebrated as the home of contemporary art in Mayfair for over 100 years. HS was invited to work in partnership with Pollen Estate in the development of Cork Street Galleries – a series of new spaces designed to regenerate this exciting landmark destination, and to re-establish the active role of Cork Street amongst London’s art community.

HS created a simple, yet refined brand identity that could work comfortably alongside a number of creative executions and installations taking place in and around the galleries. The Journal – A Catalogue for Contemporary Art was designed, art directed and edited by the team at HS with contributions from a selection of leading figures from the art and design community, including Charles Saumarez Smith, Louisa Buck and Wallpaper editor, Tony Chambers.

The website has been designed as an online journal working as a platform to promote the collaborators and artists involved in the development and its ongoing programme of activities. With a renewed interest and excitement in and around the new Royal Academy, Burlington Arcade and Mayfair’s wider gallery scene, the Cork Street regeneration is a significant new chapter in London’s contemporary art movement.

Branding & Identity