Naim Audio

Branding / Campaign / Website

Naim Audio is an award-winning British technology brand, whose pursuit of excellence in sound has distinguished them from competitors for more than 40 years. In 2014 Naim launched their first wireless music system, Mu-so.

HS was originally commissioned to bring the brand communications up to date, to connect with a new generation of digital music lovers and create a dynamic, cross platform launch campaign for Mu-so. The core brand idea re-imagines the relationship that we have with sound and expresses this unique and individual experience as a journey inside music. Over the last four years we have evolved this approach, to create an entirely new visual architecture that works across the portfolio, from the entry-level Mu-so Qb speaker to the highest-end Statement amplifier.

Qb Film credits:

Director: Tom Hingston

Editor: Markus Lehtonen

3D & Visual effects: Yusuke Murakami &

Markus Lehtonen

Sound Design: Laurie Ross


Mu-so Film credits:

Director: Tom Hingston

Director of Photography: Lol Crawley

Visual effects: Davy Evans &

Yusuke Murakami

Editor: Yusuke Murakami

Grading: Electric Theatre Collective

Sound Design: Jake Hart

Producer: Jacob Swan-Hyam/RSA Films

Choreography: Natricia Bernard

Branding & Identity