Branding a Japanese Legacy

Goldwin is an historic Japanese sports brand, with a legacy that dates back to the ’64 Tokyo Olympics. Associated primarily with ski wear and athletic wear, the brand has diversified in recent years to embrace a wider set of sports and lifestyle sectors…

In advance of the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics HS was invited to re-design the brand identity, to create a contemporary look and feel that would be rolled out across all touchpoints, from product to packaging to stores.

The mark itself represents a convergence of elements, with its component parts expressing speed, movement and energy. A subtle nod to the brand’s heritage is ski wear is suggested in the dual track lines which together form an emblem that is both kinetic and agile, yet symmetrical and balanced.

Designed as a modular mark, the graphic identity is flexible and adaptable, with individual elements that can be deconstructed and applied in different configurations and patterns across the brand materials.