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Pure Electric

Next Generation Travel

  • Campaign
  • Digital Design

Pure Electric represents a new generation in e-mobility. Taking the concept of elevation and freedom, HS developed a creative approach for a new range of scooters.

The campaign focused on film and animation, with a dynamic visual language that could be rolled out across all platforms. Each of the 15 second films showcased an accelerated sequence of graphic details, intercut and spliced with the P, U, R and E of PURE. The characteristics and technical features of each model were then highlighted through the actions of the product itself, including hill climbing, multi-terrain, material finishes and battery power.

The campaign placed e-mobility beyond just sustainability, into a future space that presents new opportunities in performance. A visual world that is bold, vibrant and energetic – a joyful celebration of form.


Creative Direction: Hingston Studio
3D Modelling and Animation: Tiago Higgs and Markus Lehtonen at Hingston Studio
Grade/VFX: Hingston Studio
Sound Design: Tamber Studio