House of Rolls-Royce
Chapter Two: Goodwood

The House of Rolls-Royce is a new communications platform, developed to bring to life the stories, the legacies and the vision that characterises this iconic brand. Hingston was commissioned to launch this exciting new initiaitive…

Following the launch of “The Spirit of Ecstasy”, Chapter Two brings to life the magic of “Goodwood, The Home of Rolls-Royce”. Taking the themes of craft and innovation that lie at the heart of the brand’s story, this second film in the series explores the human endeavour and exceptional attention to detail that take place in the making of every Rolls-Royce motor car. The film was conceived, written and designed by Hingston Studio and directed by Tom, employing a mixture of live action and animation.

Moving Image / Campaign / Art Direction


Client: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Agency: Hingston Studio
Director: Tom Hingston
Narrator: Kate Winslet
Editors: Hingston Studio
Director of Photography: Jan Richter-Friis
Graphics, Animation and Post Production: Yusuke Murakami, Markus Lehtonen and Aislinn Clifford at Hingston Studio
3D Car Sequence: Nineteen-twenty
Hand sequence edited by: Owen Oppenheimer
Grading: Glassworks
Producer: RSA Films
Music Score: Laurie Ross
Sound Design: 750MPH